Imagine a…. Conference table. Quick! Now hold that thought, and compare it to the picture below. And now I’d like to invite you to think of everything that’s wrong with it.

Have you been a part of those conference meetings where people are sitting surrounding a really long rectangular conference…

After spending three years shedding the obesity I had as teen, I developed a love towards fitness. I like the long walks, weekly hikes, yoga mondays; being physically active in general.

Along with the weight, I put on a workaholic nature as well during my teenage. I still like what…

Am I late? I ask myself as I run for the train; the train that will take me away from my worries, away to a better place, and bring me peace.

As I hear the tracks shaking, my mind calms down. All those worries don’t seem as significant anymore.

I think to myself, why not do something crazy since I got no time to regret. I kiss the most handsome man on the platform.

As I am held in his arms, the train passes by, and I say to myself, “Eh, I knew it would happen again. NY subways are not the place to do this my friend!”

Image credits — Dilwar Mandal

“It’s okay… I’ll walk home”, she told her friend, on a stormy night.

“But it’s late…aaaand I don’t want you to”, he replied.

All men except him had the same mask. A thousand men with the same face; only voices left for her to recognize, for she has only one…

Devyani Choudhary

Writing (N): An outlet for my insanity

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